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The mission of Christopher Columbus Charter School is to provide students with content-rich academic rigorous Core Knowledge education, with a well-defined, sequential curriculum in a safe, orderly, disciplined, and caring learning environment. CCCS students will learn to express themselves in at least one international language, and will utilize computer technology to support learning in all major subjects, and become literate in the technologies of the 21st Century.


The vision of the founding board members of Christopher Columbus Charter School was the development of a school community in the ever-changing “Italian Market” area of South Philadelphia, which could be a source of hope for children from all cultural backgrounds and family situations. This vision included welcoming all children so that they could experience the joy of learning. One of the major goals of the founding board members’ vision was to promote responsible citizenship and the skills for utilizing that citizenship throughout their lives.




The Christopher Columbus Charter School is located in South Philadelphia. At Its Inception In 1999, the school served students in grades K, 1, 2, and 3. Each year a grade was added, until it became a K-8 school. Presently, the school is serving 908. There are two facilities: the North Building, located at 916 Christian Street, houses students in grades K-5, and the South Building, located at 1242-46 South 13th Street, houses students in grades 5-8. Christopher Columbus Charter School students are a microcosm of the city. CCCS is a multicultural school serving families with various levels of income

The founding board members' vision was the development of a school community in the heart of South Philadelphia's "Italian Market" area to be a source of hope in the ever-changing urban environment. Children from all cultural backgrounds, neighborhoods, and family situations would be welcomed to experience the joy of learning and to develop an innate love for learning. A major part of this vision was to promote the discovery of responsible citizenship and the skills for utilizing that citizenship in their families, communities, and in their world.

Over the past twenty years, the administration and staff of Christopher Columbus Charter School have worked together to make the founding board members' vision a reality. They have collaboratively created a highly effective learning environment where the students succeed, feel safe, and learn to respect themselves and others. The students experience rigorous academic learning and the development of positive character traits through an on-going character development program. The administration makes every effort to see that all stakeholders in the school community are involved and accommodated, in order to ensure that all CCCS students will receive the best education possible.

We opened our doors in 1999 with a desire to offer the highest level of academic and character development. We merge RESPECT THROUGHOUT ALL OF  Pennsylvania Standard Curriculum. We offer exciting programs and curriculum presented by qualified and energetic teachers. We nurture and challenge each student so they can achieve their maximum potential.​


We believe that emotional growth, intellectual maturity and social consciousness are the ultimate goals of a well rounded education. When a child is nurtured and offered various educational challenges throughout his or her scholastic career a well rounded individual is usually the happy result.

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