CCCS Families and Students,


  Utilizing recent guidance from the government and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, CCCS will remain closed indefinitely.  We have ended the third quarter and we will work on distributing report cards to you as soon as we can.  Next week will remain our spring break and we will begin the fourth quarter on Monday, April 13th.  At this time, teachers will begin hosting instructional meetings and posting instructional assignments that our students will be required to complete and will be graded.  The amount of work and assignments that will be posted will be reasonable in terms of quantity and quality.  Our teachers will be utilizing Google Classroom as our main platform and method of communication between our students and you, our families.  More information will follow regarding what the daily schedule will look like. 


Again, the instruction and work that will be given starting April 13th will be required assignments and those grades will be counted towards the fourth quarter marking period.  PLEASE take these assignments seriously and be reminded that anyone who fails math, reading, or both for the year may be required to make up that work during summer school. 


Be assure that our teachers will only be assigning work that is essential to ensure that our students will be as prepared for the next step in their education.  Currently, we cannot predict when we might be able to return to our buildings, but in the meantime, we will ALL continue to do the best we can to keep CCCS sailing in the right direction!


We will talk again soon but remember that next week is spring break.  There will be no work assigned during this time.  School resumes on April 13th in a virtual setting via Google Classroom.  Please ensure that your child sets this up as soon as possible on all of your devices in your home, including your phone.  This will enable you, our students, and our teachers to be on the same page. 


Please contact Ms. Porsia or Mr. Elia if you have any questions or concerns. 


Be safe.  Be smart.  Be part of the solution. 

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