Dec 7, 2018

CCCS Community


Thank you for putting up this board for our community. I know we are a big school but that doesn't mean that we can't create an opportunity to come together as a whole and strengthen our already amazing school.


Which brings me to my first topic: Creating more time and space to get our community together as a whole. As I said earlier, I know we are a big school when combined as a whole but there is something magical and special when all parents and teachers come together for our kids. A holiday concert would be the perfect time and place to do this. So can we get that going?

Dec 10, 2018

I think it would be a great idea. Especially since the foundations concert is so very cramped as it is, a bigger venue would be great to begin with. And if we made it open to the whole school, it would be a great time to interact with families that aren't in aftercare. I mostly only get to see the other foundations families. Great idea, Kristie! I hope we can make it happen!

Dec 10, 2018

Thanks so much Beth!! I couldn't agree more!

Dec 11, 2018

I couldn't agree with you ladies more. Time spent as a community, including all will allow our students to observe, be a part of and take with them the powerful qualities and responsibilities each of us/them offer and why it is important.

I have worked with a few wonderful families while volunteering, I'd ove to get to know more of our families. CCCS PRIDE!

New Posts
  • At the end of last year, we had a parent meeting where the PAC board members collected our emails to try and get groups stated to help initiate plans, activities and events for the all the children this year (not just those in foundations). I have not hear from those who have my email and I don't have all the PAC member's emails so I thought I would reach out here if an effort to get things rolling for next year. I would like to offer my support in helping create email lists of those who what to help with the PAC board and activities. Perhaps we could meet before the year starts to get those parents in place? I would personally would love to see some of the amazing activities that happened at summer camp happen for all students to enrich their learning environments... Some ideas including: STEAM actives Cultural days Movie nights for families ect... Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!
  • Is there a place to fill out the survey electronically? I feel like this was an option in years past and I won't be able to drop off the paper tonight.

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